Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I've been on the mend

It's been a real hum-dinger of spring, I'll tell you that much. I spent most of it bedeviled by a hornet's nest of ailments I wouldn't wish on my own worst enemy. Seems like my feet, back and heart were all in cahoots with one another and gave old Sherm' the bums rush.

Well, after some extended convalescence, I'm feeling much more spry. Heck, I may even take the horse out for a trot later today. Or maybe I'll help Mildred with some gardening. Speaking of the missus, that woman is rock. She should get some sort of medal for how she's wet-nursed me through the years. I'll be forever grateful to the man upstairs that I met her at that USO shindig back in the 20's.